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    In Darfur, a region in western Sudan approximately the size of Texas, over a million people are threatened with torture and death at the hands of marauding militia and a complicit government. Genocide evokes not only the moral, but also, the legal responsibility of the world community. Under international agreement, a nation must intervene to stop a genocide when it is officially acknowledged.

    "Officially" is the key word here. So far, no nation in the international community has "officially" acknowledged the truth: Sudan is a bleeding ground of genocide. In this void, the Sudanese government continues to act with brutal impunity.

    Thankfully, there are individuals working in human rights organizations who are watching - and witnessing - and organizing, in support of the victims in Darfur. These individuals represent, for all of us, a personal capacity to bear witness to the passion of the present; one candle lit against the darkness.

    However, before one can light a candle, someone has to strike a match: a donation to any of the human rights organizations active in Sudan, contacting your government representative, local newspaper, radio and t.v. station. Our individual activism is essential for the candlepower of witness to overcome and extinguish the firepower of genocide.

    This world has long endured wars that take lives. Let us be part of one that saves them.

    About: The Passion of the Present site is a totally non-profit labor of love and hope - in peace. Thanks for joining the effort.

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September 14, 2004


Wikus Hattingh

Very strange that the "unnamed western intelligence sources" would leak the information to a German paper, whereas Germany's BND doesn't seem to know a thing. My guess is that this is a CIA disinformation operation and that they chose to go the German route since the United States is increasingly being perceived as a malevolent instigator against Sudan. The fact that Syria, another enemy of the Neocon strategists, is named, also points to the CIA.

The very effort to cover its tracks, indicates a hidden agenda on the part of the originator. It confirms my contention that the GoS is being destabilized from the outside and that it is the target of a vicious smear-campaign - because it has oil and dares to oppose the US.

Wikus Hattingh

Caught red-handed. See how Americans are "building democracy" by backing Sudannese rebels.

What is astonishing is that the SPLM is supposedly a group of Christians rebelling against the Islamist government, but reportedly that group constitutes no more than 5% of the total population. How is it possible for such a small grouping to have effectively driven the Sudannese army out of the South - if not with massive outside assistance?


Last month I read Levon Sevunt's account of travels with the SLA ("Fight to live, or flee and be killed"). An SLA leader complained that they were getting no outside help, "not even a spoon."

A few weeks later I read another account of travels with the SLA by Somini Sengupta, who reported that one SLA emissary to Chad was in possession of a US military ration. One can easily imagine that he had an MRE with an accessory packet that includes, naturally, a spoon.

Wikus, I'm taking the story in die Welt with a grain of salt, because of suspicions similar to yours, but I don't believe it in anyway confirms your views. Here's why: (a) there are plenty of well-documented atrocities that can be used to tarnish the image of the government of Sudan; there's nothing to be gained by manufacturing sham atrocities at this point; (b) Sudan is doing a very good job of making enemies, internally and externally, without any assistance from the United States.

Perhaps there was a time only 5% of the population of Sudan claimed to be Christian. Since the civil war, I believe that number has grown. Would that be because of a conspiracy of Western Oil companies/crusaders? Or is it rather the predictable outcome of Khartoum's murderous policies? And is it any wonder that Christians united with non-Christians against a murderous central government to form a strong resistence movement?

Now we see the ranks of the SLA swelling. Is that because the US has poured aid in to that group, like, you know, a food ration, and probably a spoon? Or is it rather because, as many rebels have testified, the government of Sudan drove them out of their homes, and made them want to fight?


It seems that this allegation is not new. It was first aired in 1999 in Norway by an SPLA-aligned group and subsequently dismissed by Norwegian authorities as an intentional smear-campaign.


Hallo Gottab,

The ranks of the "Christians" might have swollen because of a promised payoff at the end perhaps? I recently met a representative from the SLA who told me that he once was an officer in the Sudanese army, meaning that he had to have been a Muslim at that stage (only Muslims qualify for government jobs). His gripe with the GoS was that there was a ceiling on promotion if you were black. When I asked him if he was a Christian his answer was a very adamant "yes".

With him was a gentleman who introduced himself to me as a writer and the chairman of the local Holocaust Remembrance committee. He did not seem very pleased with my line of questioning. That was the first time I began to suspect a possible Neocon/CIA plot to overthrow the GoS.



afrol mistated the facts. Such allegations were made by others long before 1999.

See Barletta's study, "Chemical Weapons in the Sudan: Allegations and Evidence,"


esp. the section on prior allegations, where he says allegations go back to 1989. Note that Barletta focuses on the threat of the chemical weapons proliferation, which is a slightly different matter than dropping mustard gas on a village as a matter of internal governance.


Hi GottaB

Sorry, the misstatement was mine. Nonetheless, whether the allegations surfaced earlier is not at issue. The fact that it was used as a smear before is.


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